Dignity for All Students Act

The Dignity for All Students Act is an official policy of New York State that requires all students in public schools to have the right to an education free of discrimination and harassment. The information included on this page and the links provided are the resources to help students, parents, and guardians understand what this law means and how it is to be put into practice by the district.

Reporting Procedures

When a student reports that he or she has been bullied or harassed to any adult the following procedures will be followed:

  1. Complaint received from the student.
  2. Adult/student refers complaint to Dignity Act Coordinator (DAC) within 1 day. The adult must submit a written account of the complaint to the Dignity Act Coordinator within 2 days of receiving the complaint.
  3. Dignity Act Coordinator logs complaint: date and time received, name of referral source, date and time. District Compliance Officer is notified by the DAC.
  4. DAC conducts investigation within one day. Log is kept: names of complainant, witnesses, dates and times of interview(s).
  5. DAC submits written summary of finding to District Compliance Officer (DCO) and any actions taken to remedy the complaint.
  6. DCO reviews investigation; concurs or modifies actions taken. Logs report with date, time and solution/remediation.
  7. DCO/Superintendent will report to the Board of Education (BOE) quarterly.

Click here to view the Incident Reporting Procedures for 2021-2022

Building Resources for Students

Name Grade Levels Position Phone Email
Jen Carnahan * K-1
Principal 315-697-2027 [email protected]
Vanessa McClowry* 2-3 Principal 315-697-6372 [email protected]
Maura White* 4-6 Principal 315-697-2029 [email protected] 
Jay Altobello* 7-12 Principal 315-697-2003 [email protected]
Stanley Congden 11-12 Asst. Principal 315-697-2003 [email protected]
Andrew Kennedy 7-10 Asst. Principal 315-697-2003 [email protected]
Dylan Gifford 4-8 Counselor 315-697-6326 [email protected]
Brenda Jenkins 9-12 Psychologist 315-697-8805 [email protected]
Amelia Berezein K-3 Social Worker 315-697-6372 [email protected]
Amanda Schlegel K-3 Psychologist 315-697-2029 [email protected]
Shawn Bissetta District Office Superintendent of Schools 315-697-6302 sbissetta@canastotacsd.org
Karen Henner** District Office Director of Instructional Support 315-697-6302 [email protected]
  • * Dignity Act Coordinators (DAC)                                   ** District Compliance Officer (DCO)