Edmund (Ed) Fisher

Edmund FisherEdmund “Ed” Fisher grew up on Fisher Farms and graduated from Canastota High School in 1949. He joined the United States Air Force serving as a Lieutenant and jet pilot and went on to serve as a Captain and helicopter pilot in the United States Army.

Upon receiving his Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A & M University, Ed began his 45 year career with Cameron Iron Works in Houston, Texas in 1961. He eventually traveled the globe as the Executive Vice President of Offshore Engineering, specializing in deep water drilling and production systems. His enthusiasm for design was contagious and earned him numerous awards for distinguished achievement in petroleum engineering, meritorious awards in offshore technology, and an induction to the Technical Pioneer Hall of Fame for Offshore Innovations and Leadership. He was passionate about his role and shares over 20 patents relating to the oil field and aerospace industries.

Following the Challenger explosion, he was instrumental in resolving the O-ring problem and his team was involved in the redesign of the solid rocket boosters still in use today for NASA’s shuttles.

He was a Fourth Degree Knight in the Knights of Columbus, active in the Civic Club, St. RoseFisher Graduation Men’s Club and parish building committee.

He and his wife volunteered as guest science teachers for the elementary school. He ultimately received ASME’s Lifetime Achievement Award before he passed away in March of 2009. Barbara, his wife of 52 years, their three children, and seven grandchildren have fond memories of their fun loving “Grampy” that could “fix anything”.