Edward P. Brophy

Edward BrophyEdward P. Brophy was born December 30, 1956, the son of Richard and Jennie (Loguidice) Brophy. Prior to graduating from Canastota Central School, Class of 1976, Ed participated in scholastic basketball and track. He accompanied next door neighbor, World Boxing Champion, Billy Backus during morning runs and became an amateur boxer (1974-77). In addition to attending Onondaga Community College (1980-1981) and working for Bruno Coin Machines, Ed promoted professional boxing shows (1980-84). His pugilistic resume also includes trainer, manager, and historian.

After serving as Treasurer of the Carmen Basilio-Billy Backus Showcase Committee (1982-84), Ed was appointed Executive Director of the International Boxing Hall of Fame in March 1984. Under his guidance, the IBHOF museum opened in 1989, and the initial induction weekend occurred in 1990. Within two years, a museum addition was built, and an events pavilion was completed in 2003. Ed coordinated the design, finance, and construction phases. The IBHOF facilities preserve many boxing treasures, including Madison Square Garden’s 1925-2007 ring.

Ed’s accomplishments have been featured in The Ring, KO, and other boxing magazines, as well as domestic and foreign newspapers. The IBHOF has been heralded by the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Sports Illustrated, HBO, Showtime, and ESPN. Canastota was even mentioned on the game show Jeopardy, thanks to the Boxing Hall of Fame. Ed and his staff provide moviemakers and television writers with historical research to authenticate their productions.

In preparing for the annual Induction Weekend, Ed works with the Hall’s Board of Directors,Brophy Graduation dozens of chairpersons, and hundreds of volunteers. In addition to attracting all-time great boxers (Ali, Pep, Hagler and many more), Ed also brought a touch of Hollywood to Canastota, as mega-stars Sylvester Stallone, Russell Crowe, Daniel Day-Lewis, Bo Derek and others have joined the celebrations.

Ed has also served the community as Purple Haze Youth Center President (1975-76), Rotary Club member (1985-96) and longtime mentor to youngsters in need of guidance. He has received the following awards: Ring 76 (1990), Canastota Chamber of Commerce (1998), World Boxing Association Lifetime Achievement (2000), World Boxing Council Man of the Year (2001), Madison County Tourism (2003), Professional Ringside Physicians Lifetime Achievement (2008) for contributions to boxers’ self-esteem, and Lew Andreas Community Service (2010).

Boxers, trainers, managers, promoters, media moguls, writers, and fans from six continents consider Canastota as “Boxing’s Hometown” and Ed Brophy as its “Goodwill Ambassador”.