Wheeler Milmoe

Wheeler MilmoeWheeler Milmoe, a member and president of the Class of 1913 at Canastota, served as a Member of Assembly from 1932-1952, and as State Senator from 1952-1958. A lifetime resident of Canastota, he was born in April 1898, the eldest son of Margaret Mooney Milmoe and Patrick Francis Milmoe whose marriage begot eight children.

Wheeler Milmoe graduated from Cornell in 1917 at the age of 19 with a B.S. Degree. He returned home to become a 54 year publisher of the Canastota community newspaper while managing the family printing business as well after his father’s early death in 1919.

As an Assemblyman, Wheeler Milmoe rose to chairman of the Assembly’s Education Committee and was awarded the Alfred E. Smith Gold Medal by the NYS Teacher’s Association. Other legislation he sponsored included stopping for stopped school buses, rural electrification, banning of fireworks by individuals, formation of State Soil Conservation Districts, and many other acts that became law.

Upon election to the State Senate, he was named chairman of the Joint Assembly - Senate Natural Resources committee responsible for Pure Air, Pure Water, safety in mining bills as well as extensive shaping of the “forever wild” laws in the Adirondacks.

In 1949, Milmoe was President for a year of the New York Press Association, and he was continually active in community affairs. He served as Co-Chair of the 1960 Community Sesquicentennial celebration and was a long time Library Board of Directors, chairman.

On the day of his death in 1972, he was simultaneously president of the Canastota Savings and Loan Association Board, president of Canastota Canaltown, president of the Canastota Civic Club, president of St. Agatha’s Cemetery Board, and vice-president of the Canastota Development Corporation.

Surviving his passing were his wife Frances, daughter Patricia and son Michael.