RSES Interim Co-Principals Announcement

Mrs. Karen Henner & Ms. Ellen Byrnes

Mrs. Karen Henner & Ms. Ellen Byrnes

September 1, 2022

Good Morning,

As summer winds down and we prepare for our students to return next week, I would like to provide you with an update about Roberts Street Elementary School.

Very recently, the Board of Education accepted Maura White’s resignation as RSES principal, effective August 31, 2022. Mrs. White accepted a position in another district, and we would like to thank her for her support of our district and students during the last year.

I am pleased to announce that Mrs. Karen Henner and Ms. Ellen Byrnes have been appointed as Interim Co-Principals at RSES beginning September 1st. Mrs. Henner and Ms. Byrnes are familiar faces in the district, as they have served as our Director of Instructional Support Services and District Literacy Coach, respectively, for the last few years. We are extremely fortunate to have two highly experienced, knowledgeable professionals who are able to step into this important role. To be clear, we have not added an administrative position - the duties and responsibilities of the Director of Instructional Support Services and RSES Principal have been combined during this transitional phase, allowing Mrs. Henner and Ms. Byrnes to work as a team in fulfilling the duties of both administrative positions.  With their combined half century of Math and ELA classroom teaching experience, along with their administrative background, I'm confident that RSES is in good hands as we start the new year.

In the near future I will be developing a specific timeline and format for the interview/search process that will unfold in the coming weeks; I'll share with you as soon as it is finalized.  Again, please join me in welcoming Mrs. Henner and Ms. Byrnes to their new roles within the district.  

Shawn Bissetta
Superintendent of Schools