Raider News Continues

CHS Raider News Continues
Posted on 04/29/2020
We may all be home, but the news hasn’t stopped. No, not news about the pandemic. We’re talking about Raider News.

The weekly video news program has been posted to YouTube, emailed every Friday to Canastota students and staff, and occasionally shared over the district’s Facebook page – to thousands of community members eager to see each other, even if only virtually.

High school librarian Amanda Sgroi said she has been pleasantly surprised at how well-received the videos have become.

“Once schools closed, I think people really wanted that consistency of something every Friday,” she said. “We continued the videos to keep everyone connected, let students know we’re still here for them – maybe not hovering over their shoulder, but we’re here in spirit.”

Raider News was the brainchild of Sgroi and science teacher Erin Tucci. They launched the first episode on February 7, with technical support from Chris Clancy and Cecile Retrosi. CHS senior Angel Hall and freshman Alex Hoff led the reporting and editing efforts, creating news segments on sports, clubs, fundraisers, class projects and student achievements.

Eventually, Tucci and Sgroi said they hope to expand Raider News into a class, a club or live morning announcements.

But when schools closed in March, the team continued volunteering their video production skills to create the weekly report, using submitted news from staff and students at home. Over time, Tucci said the submissions have gotten more meaningful, engaging and creative. In addition to school-related news, more submissions have had a social-emotional focus.

“One of the biggest concerns right now is mental health,” she said. “Anyway we can think of to connect with people, to tell them we’re thinking of them, we love them, we’re proud of their efforts – that’s what this is for.”

Tucci Sgroi Meeting