Summer Stepping Stones 2019

Summer Stepping Stones Program Underway
Posted on 07/26/2019
Students in the Summer Stepping Stones program don’t have circle time this year – they gather around the indoor campfire.

Camping is one of the themes this summer, and the teachers leading summer classes have built a host of fun lessons and hands-on, interdisciplinary activities around that theme to help students maintain their academic skills. That has included reinforcing math skills with indoor s’mores (made with fluff and frosting), practicing phonics with laminated hot dog cutouts, and exploring science principles with a tower-building challenge. Teachers set the mood with cardboard fires and watermelon tablecloths scattered around rooms.

“The teachers come up with really inventive ways to engage the students and it gets the kids really excited about coming,” Stepping Stones Coordinator Sean Dwyer said. “They’re learning a lot of skills in a very dynamic way.”

About 70 students in K-3 are attending this summer’s program at RSES, now in its 5th year, which runs for four weeks in July. Stepping Stones is coordinated through MOBOCES. Students are divided into six grade-level classrooms, but Dwyer said they often pair up with a different grade for combined activities. This allows younger students to learn from peers and gain exposure to next year’s curriculum; older students are able to help teach content and reinforce their own learning, and they help model positive behavior.

The program’s timing coincides with the NYSED Summer Meals program, which provides free breakfast and lunch to all children under 18 and is held in the RSES cafeteria.

Thanks to our Stepping Stones teachers for their great work: Susan Maison, Tammy Moran, Stephany Scalzo, Jennifer Nolan, Caitlin Brewster, Kim Pierce, Courtney Giufre, Danielle Birckhead, Leah Turner and Daphne Tully.

Summer 2019
Summer 2019
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