Principal's Message

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Welcome to Roberts Street Elementary School. I am proud and passionate about the students
and community we serve and the educational experiences we provide. I look forward to this
school year as we continue our commitment towards excellence.
I will be sending out a “welcome back” letter to all the families of RSES students. Items such as
new staff, school schedule, transportation and other pertinent information will be included in
this correspondence. We want to make certain that the start of the school year is seamless for
you and your child. In addition, I will continue to use “Parent Square” in an effort to inform you
of any events and or helpful information throughout the school year.
We highly encourage and expect parents and community members to be engaged in our school
as partners in educating our students. Parents and community members always have the
opportunity to join our Parent Teacher Association yearly. Please consider joining our team.
Thank you very much and I look forward to an opportunity to serve you and your child.


Derek Sajnog,
RSES Principal