Capital Project

project brochure

The Canastota community approved on December 5, 2019 a facilities improvement project to address many of our buildings’ long-overdue safety and infrastructure needs. The Building Excellence project will include replacing and updating a significant number of mechanical, electrical and plumbing items, including boilers, pipes, wiring, air handling units, bathrooms, roofing and more at all four of our schools and the transportation building.

Included in this project are several major security and safety upgrades, such as secure entry vestibules in each school and repairs to sidewalks, driveways and parking lots across the district.

This project will also allow us the opportunity to install an all-weather athletic field to benefit both our athletics and physical education programs and serve as another point of pride for the Canastota community. The total project cost is $25.89 million, and 87% of eligible expenses will be covered by State Aid. Another $3.2 million will be covered through our Capital Reserve Fund. Local taxpayers will be asked to invest about $3.4 million over 15 years to complete this work, which ranges from about $10-$28 per year on a $100,000 home.

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