Student Registration

Welcome to Canastota Central School District

This webpage is intended to provide information to parents and guardians about the procedures and requirements for student enrollment. Please be sure to read the information on each page carefully and thoroughly.

The New York State Education Department developed a pamphlet for parents that outlines recent registration requirements. You can access the pamphlet by clicking here.

All children entering the Canastota Central School district are registered by the Central Registrar, Mrs. Amanda Snyder, located in the Jr./Sr. High School Guidance Office. In order to register, children must meet the age, residency, and public health requirements established by New York State law. We also enroll students who are considered homeless, following the standards and procedures of Federal and State Law.

The District Foster Care point of contact is Ms. Karen Henner, Director of Instructional Support.

Conditional Enrollment and Attendance

When a child's parent, or a person in parental relation to a child, requests enrollment of the child in our school district, we enroll the child on a conditional basis, and the child is expected to begin attendance as soon as necessary arrangements can be made. Enrollment is considered conditional pending our review of documentation presented by the child's parent, or the person in parental relation to the child. The child shall continue to be conditionally enrolled, and expected to attend school pending a complete review of documentation, as well as the duration of any review of an unfavorable decision.

Process and Documentation for Enrollment Review

The determination regarding the student's eligibility for continued enrollment, including the student's residency status, is made by Ms. Karen Henner, Director of Instructional Support. The required documentation should be provided to Ms. Amanda Snyder, Central Registrar.

For the purposes of processing an enrollment request, the District does not request a Social Security card or number, and does not request any information about the immigration status of the child or the adult requesting the student's enrollment.

Once you have reviewed the registration information on each of the pages in the menu to the left, please click on "Register Your Child" to begin the registration process. If you have any questions about the registration process, please contact Amanda Snyder, Central Registrar, at (315) 697-6326.

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