Important Announcements

The Madison County Council on Alcoholism and Substance Abuse, Inc., BRIDGES received a grant from the Madison County Youth Bureau to support the implementation of a LGBTQIA youth group for youth in grades 7-12. For more information on the monthly support group dates please call 315-697-3947 or go to

Male U.S. citizens, wherever they live, and male noncitizens living in the United States, who have reached their 18th birthday but not reached their 26th, are required to be registered with Selective Service. In order to be eligible for Federal Loans, Grants and other benefits you must do one of the following: Register online at, Fill out a Selective Service registration form at any U.S. post office or Complete the registration reminder postcard that you may receive in the mail shortly before your 18th birthday. 

JATC's are a collaborative effort between organized labor and signatory contractors to train and develop journey workers in a particular craft. Our program is a 5 Year, Earn while you learn program. There are three elements to our education program and they are: 

  • On the Job Training. Apprentices are mentored, trained and developed by Subject Matter Experts that we call Journey Workers. Apprentices are getting paid for their work.
  • Each apprentice is required to take 19 online courses with a total of 213 lessons over the course of five years. While the courses can be done at an accelerated rate the minimum is 12 lessons per quarter.
  • Each apprentice is required to take 18 classroom sessions per year. These take place on Satui· ;days and are held in Buffalo at Local 22 and also in Syracuse at Local 267.

As long as the apprentices keep up with the three elements, then they will progress in rank every six months, with a pay increase at each step. In addition, benefit eligibility kicks in at 600 hours. The pension benefits kick in once an apprentice reaches class 4. To learn more about Local 669- JATC, you can go to our website at ( Please contact Timothy Coleman if you have any questions at 315-952-6440.