Honors Program

honors program

Each fall, students in grades 9-12 with a cumulative average of 85 or higher are invited to participate in the Honors program. Any students with questions should see Mrs. Tucci (rm 137) etucci@canastotacsd.org, or Mr. S Dwyer (rm 139) sdwyer@canastotacsd.org

We use Google Classroom to communicate the following items to participants:

  1. Honors Program packet - Each participant will be assigned a packet. You will use it to complete the requirements, including notes and presentations. The packed will be due after your 2nd presentation.

  2. Presentation Time Sign-up Sheet (Google Sheet) - Students present twice a year, in early December and again in early May. The shared Google Sheet is used for presentation sign ups.

  3. Community Service Tracking Form - Participants are required to complete 10 hours of service for the Honors Program. These hours cannot be used for any other club’s service requirement. This form is shared through Google Classroom and can also be picked up from Mrs. Tucci in room 137.

Requirements for successful completion of the Honors Program:

  1. Give two presentations, one in the fall (Early December) and one in the spring (Early May), on topics that interest you and are related to what you’re currently learning in school.

  2. Attend 6 other students’ presentations (3 in fall, 3 in spring), and take notes digitally in Google Docs.

  3. During the school year, you will need to complete 10 hours of community service, solely for the purpose of the Honors Program.  You may document those hours on the school’s community service form which has been shared with you through Google Classroom. These hours are due at the time of the second presentation!

What do you get when you have successfully completed a year of Honors Program?

  • College recognition

  • Certificate and recognition

  • Honors Program T-shirt

  • A fabulous new accomplishment to include on your activity list, resume, and applications

  • The pleasure of attending scholarly presentations