District 1:1 Student Chromebook Program

The mission of the district’s CCSD 1:1 program (one Chromebook for every student) is to ensure that, in time, all students in grades 4-12 have access to the digital tools and resources to allow them to be successful learners inside and outside of the school day. To reach this goal, we must provide our students with digital devices that can expand their learning opportunities beyond the walls of our schools.

As a school district, we provide students and teachers with some form of access to technology in almost every instructional space. As more digital tools and devices are introduced into our classrooms and meaningfully integrated by our teachers, the demand for additional access will only increase. As such, CCSD 1:1 provides a specific plan to provide additional access to technology both at school and at home. Ultimately, technology will be embedded into the culture of our school and will be a regular part of the process of how our students learn.

In August 2017, parents, guardians and community members were invited to a presentation about our 1:1. A recording of the presentation can be found below.